Telecommunications industry is one of the fastest and biggest growing electronic industry. Therefore telecommunications devices especially wireless ones are today one of the most sensitive devices due to over voltages (static discharges, network surges, lightning…). So mobile phones, base stations, wireless phones (classic), WI-Fi or cable routers, network switches to name only just few. Base station, Mobile phones, Network equipment …


  • Exchangers
  • Phone terminals
  • Antennas
  • Mobile phones
  • Modems

Available Product Series:


  • Excellent clamping and energy handling capabilities
  • Standards: UL 1449; CECC 42200; IEC 1051-2; RoHS 2 2011/65/EC, 2003/11/EC; CSA C22.2; VDE 0675
  • Road range of SLVs and MOVs of different case sizes, wide spectrum of specified electrical characteristics for numerous targeted applications
  • Direct SMD equivalents to disc varistors (plastic encapsulated PV varistors)
  • Extended energy capabilities for CV+ series

Technical Features:

  • Operating voltage range: 3 – 895 Vdc / 2 – 680 Vrms
  • Broad current handling capability: up to 15 kA (8/20 µs) for CV+ and SV series
  • Disc varistor sizes available: diameter 5 mm to 23 mm
  • Plastic encapsulated SMD varistor sizes: 3225 and 4032
  • Dimensional and weight savings on PCB for plastic encapsulated PV series
  • Low thickness available for PV series

High quality and relatively inexpensive varistors provide best protection against overvoltage surges for sophisticated equipment. Our products protect high end medical equipment, entertainment and consumer electronics, power supplies, energy meters, etc

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