Automotive industries

Nowadays, car industry is one of the most challenging market segments. It is important to observe the trends and acquire special certificates.
Keko Varicon is a company specialized in automotive electronics branch and has currently been supplying its products for all major premium car brands. As manufacturer of a passive over-voltage protective components it covers Tier 2 and Tier 3 producers of automotive electronics.


  • Anti-block brake system
  • Airbag control system
  • Air conditioning
  • Direct ignitioning system
  • Wiper motors
  • Central locking systems
  • Seat adjustment motors
  • Seat heating
  • Window lifting system

Available Product Series:


  • Surge protection & broad-band frequency noise suppression (dual component, C3V)
  • Broad-band EMI filter suppressors complying with international standards
  • Extended temperature ranges
  • SMD and through-hole versions
  • Standards: AEC Q200 Grade 1, RoHS 2 – 2011/65/EC, REACH, GADSL, CISPR
  • Featured products: Dual component, C3V, 150°C varistor
  • Excellent transient energy distribution (AV varistors)

Technical Features:

  • Supply voltage: 12, 24, 42 V
  • Operating voltage range: 16, 20, 26, 38, 56 Vdc
  • Very good overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • Excellent energy handling capability: WLD up to 50 J
  • End termination for SMD components: AgPd or Ni/Sn

Keko Varicon products can be found in all major premium car electronics systems. We provide expert technical advice for specific applications in cooperation with renowned external laboratories. Based on EMI measurement results we can advise optimal components for customers’ applications to comply with CISPR standards.

Why work with us
Reason 1

We offer our products in short and trustworthy delivery terms, at competing prices.

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We are both responsible and accessible, offering you both technical and commercial support in the shortest possible time.

Reason 3

We are flexible and comprehensive, ready to assist you in any kind of unexpected situations.

Reason 4

We either understand  your needs or wish to understand them better by getting closer to you.

Reason 5

We are able to meet your expectations and capable of delivering the samples with all the required tests within a very short time. 

Reason 6

We steadily invest into new facilities and education and employ additional experts.

Reason 7

We do long term oriented  and flexible business and  we are financially stable and rely on teamwork.