ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008
N° SL13074Q

KEKO VARICON applies quality assurance policy aiming to satisfaction of customers and employees.

Attention to the satisfaction of the customer:

The buyer must be sure that our product is worth his money and that, by purchasing our product he vill be ranked among the buyers who know what the quality is. This is why we develop and design our
products according to the market requirements , while taking into account domestic and foreign standardards, regulations and quality norms,

  • We endeavour to resolve complaints with indulgence and in the shortest time possible.
  • We keep our customers informed of the characteristics of our products and of the ways to use them properly
  • We do research into how satisfied the customers are.

Attention to the satisfaction of the employees:

Making the employees increasingly satisfied is of major importance for us, which helps to motivate them for efficient and creative work. We want them to be tolerant and feel well while at work. We achieve this by:

  • planned and advanced professional upgrading,
  • ensuring research and development,
  • keeping the employees readily informed,
  • allowing them to freely express their initiatives and useful suggestions and rewarding them,
  • encouraging team work,
  • stimulative payment
  • strengthening the committment to KEKO VARICON community.

Success and efficiency of the company:

  • Quality improvement and control  are essential for longterm positive economic results.
  • An efficient system of quality control makes it possible to dully meet the obligations to customers.
  • Business plan is an operational act quoting the objectives in all domains, therefore it is of prior importance for top management to carry out such a plan successfully.

We are aware of the fact that the current system of quality control is not perfect, this is why we are steadily working on its success and its efficiency.

mr. Tomaž Bojko
General Manager
Our product line
Why work with us
Reason 1

We offer our products in short and trustworthy delivery terms, at competing prices.

Reason 2

We are both responsible and accessible, offering you both technical and commercial support in the shortest possible time.

Reason 3

We are flexible and comprehensive, ready to assist you in any kind of unexpected situations.

Reason 4

We either understand  your needs or wish to understand them better by getting closer to you.

Reason 5

We are able to meet your expectations and capable of delivering the samples with all the required tests within a very short time. 

Reason 6

We steadily invest into new facilities and education and employ additional experts.

Reason 7

We do long term oriented  and flexible business and  we are financially stable and rely on teamwork.