ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015
N° SL22332E

Environmental policy directed towards sustainable development is a component part of the business management and the organizational culture of the company KEKO VARICON. It is brought into force by planned dealing with the environment, carrying out enviromental programs, monitoring and measuring the ecological aspects of business administration as well as by prompt intervention in case of a deviation from the objectives of the environmental policy. The basic principle we respect while carrying out our activities and the development of the same is to provide for healthy and safe surroundings. We are aware of the fact that only an environment friendly  company ensures a friendly working environment and peaceful coexistance with the neighbourhood. This, though, is only possible if we take consider all the environmental standards established by society. Within the company KEKO VARICON, the system of ecological dealing with the surroundings is included into all business functions of the company. Our environment-related policy is accessible to all concerned, it is familiar to all the employees and to all who work on behalf of us. 

In the field of environment, KEKO VARICON company is liable to  attain five major goals:

  • To minimize the use of harmful substances.
  • To use natural resources in an economical way.
  • To manufacture environment friendly products.
  • To collect, process and adequately place dangerous and communal waste.
  • To minimize the emmission of harmful substances.

In order to achieve these, we promiss to keep doing the following:
  • Include the environment policy into our developing strategy and individual investments and projects and in this way most efficiently prevent the negative impact of our activities on the environment.
  • Monitor and measure environmental aspects and adequately intervene in case of deviations.
  • Keep working on the reduction of emmissions, as much as it is possible considering the state of the available machines and appliances, as well as of the technological processes.
  • Replace dangerous substances in the technologies where this is feasible with less dangerous ones.
  • Educate, train, and awake awareness of all the employees as well as all those woking for or in the name of KEKO VARICON
  • Follow and consistently bear in mind the legal regulations in force as well as the directives related to the environmental protection.
  • Provide for steady improvement in the field of environment by systematically setting environmental goals and programs.
  • Inform the employees and the public of the environment related state and achievements
mr. Tomaž Bojko
General Manager
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