RoHS Compliance of Through-hole Components

On 1st of July 2005 KEKO VARICON will convert to lead-free production of through–hole components :

  • disc/multilayer varistors (CV, CV+, SV, ZV, AV),
  • disc/multilayer ceramic capacitors (KM, KZ, KV, CL) and
  • dual function components (MV, OV)

and thereby fulfill all requirements of RoHS directives (2002/95/EC, 2003/11/EC).


Differentiation between non-Pb-free components and Pb-free ones will be made in the documents and on package units:

  • in Order Confirmation – Pb-free components will be designated with ‘RoHS Compliant’
  • in Dispatch Note – Pb-free components will be designated with ‘RoHS Compliant’
  • on the package unit and outer boxes - Pb-free components will be designated with yellow adhesive tape with inscription ‘Pb-free’

Type designation

KEKO VARICON will not change type designation of RoHS compliant types with respect to those which are not. Only labelling will be different as described below.

Pb-free Wave Soldering Profile Recommendations

Recommended soldering profiles for all above components are in accordance with JEDEC standard curves (JES D22 – B106C) and therefore compatible with new 270 °C Pb-free process.

Resistance to Soldering Heat

In order to prevent any potential problems KEKO VARICON decided to introduce its own internal standard for testing of resistance to soldering heat of through-hole components : 300 °C ,10 s.


Fig. 1 - Lead-free Wave Soldering Profile

Parameter Symbol Specification
Preheating temperature gradient   4 °C/s max.
Preheating time t1 2 to 5 min
Min. preheating temperature T1 130 °C
Max. preheating temperature T2 180 °C
Melting temperature / point tmelt 217 °C
Time in wave soldering phase (w1+w2) tw1+w2 10 s
Max. wave temperature (w1+w2) T3 +0/-5°C
Cooling temperature gradient   6 °C/s max.
Temperature jump from T2 to T3 (w1) T3(w1)-T2 120 °C max.
Time from 25 °C to T3 (wave temp.)   8 min max.


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