30. 1. 2016

High Temperature Automotive 150° C rated VARISTORS


Superior operating performance at rated 150°C ( AEC-Q200 compliance )

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C3V Series

05. 12. 2015

C3V Combines four passive elements in one component …

C3V Series

C3V series is an innovative electronic component intended for broadband filtering of electromagnetic interferences (EMI) and suppression of voltage spikes generatedin electronic circuits. This high-level dual protection is required or recommended for integration in electrical motors or within corresponding subassemblies, where on/off switching during operation generates inductive loads, further triggering voltage spikes. As a result, broadband electromagnetic interferences (EMI) are generated in the frequency domain, rising noise and disturbance levels, which affect the performance or possibly damage sensitive electronic elements that are integrated near-by in the electrical circuit.

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