is tradename of KEKO VARICON. It is marked on all of its coated components.
 is trademark of KEKO VARICON, whereby:

As the part of KEKO-Varicon it means that we produce varistors and capacitors
As the name of the component it means that we can adjust both its varistor and capacitor characteristics  

Within the company KEKO Varicon, we incessantly invest considerable resources and efforts into the innovative upgrading of our products and our technological processes, while taking into account the protection of our research and development achievements by means of the relevant intellectual property rights, such as filing patent statements at home as well as abroad, protection of the technological achievements as a business secret, protection of author's rights on the technological and other documentation, and also,  the protection of our trade marks. 

We have updated the cover trade mark KEKO, which will be protected as a EU trade mark (Community Trade Mark, CTM).

Our product line
Why work with us
Reason 1

We offer our products in short and trustworthy delivery terms, at competing prices.

Reason 2

We are both responsible and accessible, offering you both technical and commercial support in the shortest possible time.

Reason 3

We are flexible and comprehensive, ready to assist you in any kind of unexpected situations.

Reason 4

We either understand  your needs or wish to understand them better by getting closer to you.

Reason 5

We are able to meet your expectations and capable of delivering the samples with all the required tests within a very short time. 

Reason 6

We steadily invest into new facilities and education and employ additional experts.

Reason 7

We do long term oriented  and flexible business and  we are financially stable and rely on teamwork.