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Keko Varicon is one of the world's leading companies in manufacturing  overvoltage protective and EMI supression components. The success of the company is based on the long tradition rooted in  the early 60's, when the foundations for today's achievements were set.

KEKO VARICON offers one of the widest ranges of Over-voltage Protective Components:

  • SMD Multilayer Varistors - Varicons
  • Dual Function Varicons (combination of varistor and capacitor)
  • EMI and RFI Suppression filters
  • High Energy Varistors

The components are assembled into a vast variety of applications from Low Voltage Board Level (LVBL), Telecommunication, Automotive Electronics to AC-Line & TVSS and High Energy Industrial Products.

The core product is the varistor. The complexity of this component requires indepth interdisciplinary knowledge (chemistry, physics, electrotechnics, material sciences, etc.). This has been gathered throughout the years in a predominatly rural area which is 50 kilometers away from the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana. These intangibles have been steadily trasferred to new generations fort he last 50 years.

The combination of extensive knowledge and modern equipment enables the company to produce at almost 0 PPM quality levels. Keko Varicon posesses all the standards required by the industry:  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and  IATF 16949 standards as well as the approvals UL, AEC-Q200, VDE and CSA for its components. The quality of products, process controls and high productivity have always been its top strategic priority.  Our main customer is the automotive industry, which represents  approximately 50% of the company's turnover.

Today the company employs about 150 workers,  of which 20 people are involved in the R&D development of new innovative products as well as in the quest for improved quality, capacity and productivity of the machinery. 

KEKO VARICON manages two ceramic technologies: dry powder pressing and tape casting. The first one is used for the production of all disc components and high-energy varistors, while the second one is used for the production of all multilayer components – varicons. We also manage two assembly technologies: radial lead assembly and thermoplastic encapsulation. The first one is used for all through-hole components, while the second one is used for encapsulation of SMD varistors.

Our customer reference list contains many prominent names from the automotive industry, industrial electronics and telecommunications industry.

Keko Varicon technological infrastructure allows for flexibility in component design and possibility of fine adjustments to customer requirements. Many of the running projects are components custom designed for specific customer needs


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